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25 Apr

A casino is said to be a facility that accommodates and houses a large number of gambling activities. The casinos are generally combined with or built near restaurants, hotels and other tourist attractions. A large number of casinos are popular for hosting live entertaining events like stand up comedy, concerts etc. The term CASINO is of Italian origin, derived from the word CASA, meaning a small villa on the countryside. With time the popularity and craze of casinos and gambling grew, leading to the opening of a large number of casinos, throughout the world. In addition, many sites introduced the facility of free online casino.

Online casinos are also known as Internet casinos or virtual casinos. They are just the online versions of the traditional casinos. This facility of online gambling allows the gamblers to play and bet on the various available casino games through the medium of the Internet. There are sites that offer payback and odds percentages that are comparable to land casinos. This is known as paid casino, where money is involved. And other sites let its users play without the involvement of any money and this is known as free online casino.

Trust and reliability issues are very common when it comes to the online casinos, and are often questioned. A large number of software are sold or leased out to various online casinos by the well-known firms like Realtime, Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic Inc. The software companies claim to be using random number generator that is used to ensure that the cards, dices or the numbers are appearing randomly.

On the basis of their interface, the online casinos have been divided into 2 groups. They are web based casinos and download-only casinos. Some of the online casinos are using both the interfaces. Some of the casinos also offer the facility of Live Gaming, as a part of the online casino offering. In these live casinos, the real dealers in the studios deal the very famous casino games such as blackjack and roulette. This is done to provide the real atmosphere of a casino to the user. The actions of the players (in blackjack) are transmitted to the dealers. There are some cases where at one seat more than one player can sit at the table and in such cases there is literally no activity between the dealer and the player.

The WEB BASED online casinos are those websites where the users are allowed to play the various casino games without downloading the software to their computers. These games are mostly represented in the various browser plugins like Macromedia Shockwave, Java or Macromedia Flash. They just require a browser support to work. And because the sounds, animations and the graphics are also loaded through the web, a bandwidth is also required. Gameplay is also allowed through a HTML interface (in some casinos).

The other type is the DOWNLOAD BASED online casino that definitely requires a download of particular software that will let the user play and bet on the various games. In this type, a browser support is not needed to connect the player to the casino’s service provider. The web-based casinos are mostly slow in their activity than the download based casino. But, the downloading and installing of the software takes time. In addition, it is also accompanied with the risk of importing malware.

The free online casino games are offered by a number of popular and renowned casino websites like Cleopatra’s Palace Casino, Golden Casino, Super Slots, VIP slots casino, English harbour casino and many others. To play free casino games online, the potential player, just needs to go to any of the mentioned sites and create a guest account. This account requires a USERNAME and a PASSWORD, which becomes the identification of the player. After this the player can play the games for free as long as the player desires.

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